Rugby club implements EPoS overhaul

Vale of Lune: Rugby club implements EPoS overhaul

With two bars, one function room and three rugby pitches, Vale of Lune’s Rugby Union Club plays in the Regional 2 North West Division. The management team was looking for a new, intuitive EPoS solution and instructed our Authorised ICRTouch Partner, Venture House Group, to work with them on upgrading their system.

It’s been great working with the club – they’ve been one of the most forward-thinking, technology-driven clients we’ve had. It’s been great to get a customer using ByTable, and TouchOffice Web to their full potential, especially with Xero integration.” – Tom Harvey, Venture House Group

The brief – more efficient operations

Operating with an older POS system that required many functions to be completed directly on the till, often with long-winded processes, Vale of Lune were looking for a solution that would help them streamline operations.

An intelligent reporting and back-office system was essential, with the ability to check data at any time, from any device. The ability to change products and amend customer accounts without needing to complete processes directly through the till, alongside integrating their accounting package was requested to help the team save time and improve efficiency.

The solution – a new system that’s easy to use

The Venture House Group implemented a TouchOffice Web back-office account alongside the new TouchPoint tills to enable the Vale of Lune team to more efficiently manage customer accounts. The team went from having to manually check every individual account to see whether renewals had been paid, to a fully comprehensive back-office solution that easily reports on renewal data in seconds.

A ByTable app was also created to further improve the club membership management. With the integration, customers can now sign on to tills via the QR code from their ByTable app account, removing the need for physical cards.

Overall, the full installation at Vale of Lune includes:

4 x TouchPoint tills

1 x TouchOffice Web+ account

1 x ByTable app

Xero integration

“We are now able to easily analyse sales and bookings, helping us maximise our potential. We can train staff quicker and improve the running of the business.”

Since updating the EPoS solution, the Vale of Lune team has seen significant increases in efficiency and productivity thanks to intelligent integration between TouchOffice Web+, TouchPoint and ByTable.

They’ve been able to achieve higher turnover at events due to the easy implementation and management of a new three-tier pricing structure which sees member, non-member and function pricing. Customer experience improvements have also been seen thanks to the implementation of a ByTable app and all its customer account functionality.

“The biggest benefit for members is the new cloud-based membership, which has removed the need for a physical card to be used with every purchase made at the bar.”

Wastage and mistakes have also been reduced as a result of TouchOffice Web’s intelligent reporting. The Vale of Lune team have replaced their paper reports with an intuitive, data-rich dashboard within TouchOffice Web.

The volunteer accountant for the club is delighted with the new system, particularly the Xero integration that they believe has increased her efficiency by 50%!

“With the help of Venture House Group, we’ve been able to upgrade our tills, card machines, booking systems, data collection and reporting. These upgrades have enhanced both the business and customer experience.” – Vale of Lune